Past Members

Past Post-Doctoral Researchers

  1. Dr Anmin Zou, 2014, 2016, Research Topic: Control of Space Systems
  2. Dr Anantha Komanduri, 2013, Research Topic: Guidance, Navigation and Control for Deep Space Rendezvous and Docking

Past Visiting Researchers

  1. Dr Ahmet Sofyali, Spring 2016, Research Topic: Disturbance Observer-Based Magnetic Spacecraft Attitude Control
  2. Emanuele de Angelis (University of Bologna), Fall 2012, Research Topic: Hybrid Magnetic and Mechanical Spacecraft Attitude Control

Past Graduate Students

  1. Alexander Frias, Ph.D. 2018, Thesis Title: Nonlinear Attitude Control of Underactuated Spacecraft
  2. Maksims Demjanenko, M.A.Sc 2017, Thesis Title: Surface-Constrained Kalman Filtering
  3. Devin Simms, M.A.Sc 2017, Thesis Title: LIDAR-Based Surface Following Control for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  4. Bryce Wildish M.A.Sc 2016, Thesis Title: Ground Station Schedule Optimization for a Model of a Real-World Problem Instance
  5. Min Adhikari, M.A.Sc 2014, Thesis Title: Real-Time Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance for Unmanned Aerial Systems
  6. Adam Vigneron (Carleton University) M.A.Sc 2014, Thesis Title: Nonlinear Filtering for Autonomous Navigation of Spacecraft in Highly Elliptical Orbit
  7. Shahaboddin Owlia (Carleton University) M.A.Sc 2013, Thesis Title: Real-Time Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance for Low-Altitude Fixed-Wing Aircraft
  8. Robert Hewitt (Carleton University),M.A.Sc 2012, Thesis Title: Applying FastSLAM to Articulated Rovers
  9. Everett Findlay (University of Toronto), M.A.Sc 2011, Thesis Title: Investigation of Active Vibration Suppression of a Flexible Satellite Using Magnetic Attitude Control

Past Undergraduate Students

  1. Nicole Liu, Winter 2016, Thesis Title: Design and Analysis of an Interplanetary Trajectory to Vesta
  2. Graeme Klim, Winter 2015, Thesis Title: Lunar Micropenetrator Trajectory Design and Optimization
  3. Anushree Soni, Winter 2015, Thesis Title: Coupled Attitude and Orbital Dynamics Analysis for a Spacecraft Around an Asteroid
  4. David Waller, Winter 2014, Thesis Title: Navigation at the Earth-Moon L1 Point
  5. Laila Kazemi, Winter 2013, Thesis Title: Attitude Control for a Flexible Spacecraft
  6. Juan Torres-Moreno (Carleton University), Fall 2011-Winter 2012, Project Title: Attitude Control System for Stereo-Imaging Satellites
  7. Piotr Murzionak (Carleton University), Fall 2011-Winter 2012, Project Title: Guidance System for Stereo-Imaging Satellites
  8. Natasha Jackson (Carleton University), Fall 2011-Winter 2012, Project Title: Constellation Maintenance for Stereo-Imaging Satellites
  9. Javier Romualdez (Carleton University), Fall 2011-Winter 2012, Project Title: GPS-Based Navigation for Stereo-Imaging Satellites
  10. Thomas Sears (Carleton University), Fall 2011-Winter 2012, Project Title: Attitude Determination for Stereo-Imaging Satellites